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Komagane city is located at the center of Japan so that you can either access from Narita International airport or Chubu International Airport. map_japan_en map_large_en

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Sightseeing Spots


Chuo Alps Senjojik...

One of the greatest cirques in Japan located at 2600m altitude. Field full of beautiful flowers of 150 kinds are blooming in Summer. Splendid sight of Mt. Fuji, the Southern Alps, Mt.Norikura, and the Northern Alps is attracting.

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Komagane Kogen Hig...

Komagane Kogen highland, the biggest highland in the Ina valley, locates at the foot of the Central Alps. Altitude is about 800m. There is 2 reservoirs, Onuma-Ko and Komaga-Ike, and a lot of holiday cottages. Hayataro Hot Spring Village is in this highland along the Otagiri river.

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Central Alps Komag...

The first alpine ropeway in Japan which takes you up to Senjojiki Cirque in 7.5 minutes.

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駒ヶ根 光前寺

Kozenji Temple

Kozenji Temple is famous for a legend of a mighty dog “Hayataro” who traveled to a far away village and killed a monstrous monkey who ate a sacrificed young girl once every year. “Three Cedar Trees”, which are thought to have special power, and luminous moss can be seen.

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Hayataro Hot Sprin...

This village, named after Haya-taro, has more than 10 hot spring facilities. The water is transparent and has no smell but makes the skin very smooth so that it’s called “The hot spring to make beauties”.

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Komagane Farms

A sightseeing complex which includes a direct sales shop of local farm products and special goods run by JA (Japan Agricultural Cooperation) Kami-Ina, “Ajiwai-Kobo Restaurant” which serves “Minami-Shinshu beer” the first local beer in Nagano, “Suzuran House milk factory” which produces rich tasted “Suzuran Milk”, and a tourist information center (TEL: +81-265-81-7700)

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養命酒造 駒ヶ根工場

Yomei-Shu Komagane...

Yomei-Shu, a liquor which contains 14 kind of herbal medicines, is produced here in Komagane Factory. There is also a museum which exhibits the history of Yomei-Shu and the knowledge of herbal medicines, and a cafe.

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本坊酒造 信州マルス蒸留所

Mars Whisky Distil...

Mars Whisky produces high quality whisky, ume-shu (Japanese apricot liquor), and wine from pure water of the Japanese Central Alps. It’s single cask has a good reputation and has won awards. You can tour around the distillery and try it’s products.

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Komagane Country H...

An old Japanese farmhouse style facility built in a forest, where you can stay and try local cooking, carpentry, and farming. The menu is seasonal. It can be found opposite the Komagane Silk Museum.

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Cuisine in Komagane

Komagane Sauce Kat...

This dish, popular across Japan, consists of big pork cutlets flavored with a secret sauce and placed atop rice and crispy cabbage.


Shinshu Soba

Shinshu buckwheat noodles have a delicious local flavor. This is made possible through the combination of the climate of the Komagane Highlands, the pure snowmelt of the Central Alps, and local highly skilled noodle makers.